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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2013 New Zealand Tour of England

New Zealand tour of England 2013 will consist of 2 Test, 3 ODI and 2 T20 matches to be hosted by England in May-June 2013

New Zealand tour of England 2013 will begin on Thursday, May 16, 2013 and will end on June 27, 2013

First Test Match at Lord's,London - May 16-20,2013


 Alastair Cook (capt), Nick Compton, Jonathan Trott, Ian Bell, Joe Root, Jonny Bairstow, Matt Prior (wk), Stuart Broad, Graeme Swann, James Anderson, Steven Finn
New Zealand
 Peter Fulton, Hamish Rutherford, Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, Dean Brownlie, Brendon McCullum (capt), BJ Watling (wk), Tim Southee, Doug Bracewell, Neil Wagner, Trent Boult

1st Innings 232/10 in 112.2 Overs
Wicket Takers(NZ)
Tim Southee          4-58(28.2 Overs)
Neil Wagner          3-70(28 Overs)
Trent Boult            2-48(27 Overs)
Bruce Martin         1-38(26 Overs)
2nd Innings 213/10 in 68.3 Overs
Wicket Takers(NZ)
Tim Southee        6-50(19 Overs)
Kane Williamson 2-20(8.3 Overs)
Neil Wagner        1-44(13 Overs)
Trent Boult          1-56(15 Overs)
New Zealand
1st Innings 207/10 in 69 Overs
 Wicket Takers(England)
 James Anderson   5-47(24 Overs)
Steven Finn           4-63(15 Overs)
Stuart Broad          1-64(21 Overs)
2nd Innings 68/10 in 22.3 Overs

Wicket Takers(England)
Stuart Broad         7-44(11 Overs)
James Anderson   2- 23(11.3 Overs)

Match Result - England won by 170 runs
Player of the Match - Stuart Broad(England) 

Second Test Match at Headingley,Leeds -May 24-28,2013

 Alastair Cook (captain), Compton,Jonathan Trott, Bell, Root,Jonny Bairstow, Matt Prior (wkt),Stuart Broad,Graeme Swann,Steven Finn, James Anderson.
New Zealand
Peter Fulton, Rutherford, Williamson, Taylor, Brownlie, Guptill, Brendon McCullum (captain, wkt), Southee, Wagner, Boult, Bracewell

1st Innings 354/10 in 99 Overs
Joe Root 104(in 167 Balls with 4x9)
Jonny Bairstow 64(in 99 Balls with 4x8)
Wicket Takers(NZ)
Trent Boult             5-57(22 Overs)
Tim Southee           2-76(26 Overs)
Kane Williamson  1-49(9 Overs)
Neil Wagner           1-73(23 Overs)
Doug Bracewell    1-83(19 Overs)
2nd Innings 287/5 Declared in 76 Overs
Alastair Cook 130(in 190 Balls with 4x18)

Jonathan Trott 76(in 164 Balls with 4x8)
Wicket Takers(NZ)
Kane Williamson  3-68(24 Overs)  
Neil Wagner           2-67(17 Overs) 

New Zealand
1st Innings 174/10 in 43.4 Overs
Peter Fulton                  28(in 48 Balls with 4x5)
Hamish Rutherford      27(in 45 Balls with 4x4)
Neil Wagner                   27(in 15 Balls with 4x6)
Wicket Takers(England)
Graeme Swann               4-42(9 Overs)
Steven Finn                     3-36(12 Overs)
Stuart Broad                   2-57(15 Overs)
James Anderson             1-34(7.4 Overs)
2nd Innings 220/10 in 76.3 Overs
Hamish Rutherford        42(in 51 Balls with 4x6)
Ross Taylor                      70(in 121 Balls with 4x9)
Tim Southee                     38(in 41 Balls with 4x4 and 6x2)
Wicket Takers(England)
Graeme Swann               6-90(32 Overs)
Stuart Broad                   2-26(11 Overs)
James Anderson             1-28(11.3 Overs)
Steven Finn                     1-62(19 Overs) 

Match Result - England won by 247 runs

Player of the Match - Graeme Swann(England)
Player of the Series -Joe Root(England) and Tim Southee(NZ)

England wins 2 Match Test Series 2-0

 Alastair Cook can celebrate his third series win out of four as captain

3 Match ODI Series England Vs New Zealand

First ODI England Vs New Zealand at Lord's,London - Friday May 31,2013

NZ won the toss and chose to field

Alastair Cook(C)Ian Bell;Jonathan Trott;Joe Root;Eoin Morgan; Chris Woakes;Tim Bresnan;Graeme Swann;James Anderson;Jade Dernbach and JC Buttler
New Zealand
Brendon McCullum(C);Martin Guptill;Kane Williamson;Ross Taylor; Grant Elliott;Nathan McCullum;James Franklin;Tim Southee;Kylie Mills;Mitchell Mcclenaghan and L Ronchin


England scored 227/9 in 50 Overs
Alastair Cook                            30(in 45 Balls with 4x5)
Jonathan Trott                            37(in 53 Balls with 4x3)
Joe Root                                    30(in 40 Balls with 4x1)
Chris Woakes                            36(in 53 Balls with 4x2)
Wicket Takers(NZ)
Tim Southee                              3-37(10 Overs)
Nathan McCullum                     2-34(10 Overs)
Mitchell Mcclenaghan                2-49(10 Overs)
Kyle Mills                                 1-36(10 Overs)
Kane Williamson                       1-38(6 Overs)
NZ scored 231/5 in 43.5 Overs
Martin Guptill                          103*(in 123 Balls with 4x8 and 6x4)

Ross Taylor                               54(in 77 Balls with 4x9)

Grant Elliott                               27(in 43 Balls with 4x2)

James Franklin                           16*(in 21 Balls with 4x2)
Wicket Takers(England)
James Anderson                     3-31(9 Overs)
Graeme Swann                       1-33(10 Overs)
Jade Dernbach                          1-55(10 Overs)

Match Result -New Zealand(NZ) won by 5 wickets (with 19 balls remaining) &
led the 3-match series 1-0
Player of the Match -Martin Guptill  (NZ)

Second ODI England Vs New Zealand at the Rosebowl,Southampton -Sunday June 02,2013

NZ won the toss and chose to bat first

NZ scored 359/3 in 50 Overs
Martin Guptill                        189*(in 155 Balls with 4x19 and 6x2)

Kane Williamson                     55(in 63 Balls with 4x3)

Ross Taylor                              60(in 54 Balls with 4x3 and 6x2)

Brendon McCullum                40*(in 19 Balls with 4x3 and 6x2)
Wicket Takers(England)
James Anderson                      2-65(10 Overs)
Graeme Swann                         1-61(10 Overs)

England scored273/10 in 44.1 Overs
Alastair Cook                            34(in 31 Balls with 4x5)

Ian Bell                                      25(in 32 Balls with 4x4)
Jonathan Trott                          109*(in 104 Balls with 4x5 and 6x1)

Joe Root                                     28(in 27 Balls with 4x1)
Eoin Morgan                              21(in 23 Balls with 4x2)
Wicket Takers(NZ)
Mitchell McClenaghan             3-35(8.1 Overs)
Kane Williamson                       2-25(4 Overs)
Grant Elliott                               1-13(2 Overs)
Nathan McCullum                      1-47(8 Overs)
Doug Bracewell                          1-55(8 Overs)
Kyle Mills                                   1-55(9 Overs)

Match Result - New Zealand won by 86 runs and led the 3-match series 2-0
Player of the Match -  Martin Guptill  (NZ)


Third ODI England Vs New Zealand at Trent Bridge Nottingham -Wednesday June 5,2013

NZ won the toss and chose to field

England scored 287/6 in 50 Overs
Ian Bell                                        82(in 96 Balls with 4x6 and 6x1)

Jonathan Trott                              37(in 53 Balls with 4x4)
Joe Root                                      33(in 50 Balls with 4x1)

Eoin Morgan                                49(in 40 Balls with 4x2 and 6x3)

Ravi Bopara                                 28(in  38 Balls)
Jos Butler                                     47*(in 16 Balls with 4x6 and 6x3)

Wicket Takers(NZ)
Mitchell McClenaghan                 3-54(10 Overs)

Kane Williamson                          1-42(9 Overs)

NZ scored 253/10 in 46.3 Overs
Luke Ronchi                              22(in 17 Balls with 4x4)
Martin Guptill                            38(in 36 Balls with 4x6 and 6x1)

Ross Taylor                               71(in 84 Balls with 4x2 and 6x3)

Nathan Mccullum                      28(in 33 Balls with 4x2)
Kyle Mills                                 28* (in 23 Balls with 4x2 and 6x1)
Wicket Takers(England)
James Tredwell                         3-51(9 Overs)
Tim Bresnan                              2-27(8 Overs)

Stuart Broad                             2-56(9 Overs)
Steven Finn                               2-57(9.3 Overs)

Match Result - England won by 34 runs
Player of the Match -Jos Butler (England)
Series Result - New Zealand won the 3-match series 2-1

 2 Match T 20 Series England Vs New Zealand

1st T20 England Vs New Zealand at Kennington Oval,London Tuesday June 25,2013 

England captain Eoin Morgan won the toss and elected to field first

NZ scored 201/4 in 20 Overs
Hamish Rutherford               62(in 35 Balls with 4x6 and 6x4)

Brendon McCullum              68(in 48 Balls with 4x7and 6x2)

Ross Taylor                          32*(in 19 Balls with 4x2 and 6x1)

Wicket Takers(England)
Luke Wright                2-31(4 Overs)
Boyd Rankin               1-24(4 Overs)
Jade Dernbach            1-31(4 Overs)

England scored 196/5 in 20 Overs
Alex Hales                  39(in 29 Balls with 4x5 and 6x1)

Luke Wright                52(in 34 Balls with 4x6 and 6x1)

Ravi Bopara                30*(in 18 Balls with 4x2 and 6x1)

Wicket Takers(NZ)
Ronnie Hira                   1-34(4 Overs)
Ian Butler                      1-35(4 Overs)
Mitchell McClenaghan   1-37(4 Overs)
Nathan McCullum          1-37(3 Overs)

Match Result - New Zealand won by 5 runs and led the 2-match series 1-0

Player of the Match -Hamish Rutherford(NZ) 

Hamish Rutherford & Brendon McCullum scored 114 Runs for the 2nd wicket

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