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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Accident At Brazil World Cup Stadium Wed Nov 27,2013

 With one thunderous crash, Brazil's troubled preparations for the World Cup are thrown in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. (AP)
Two people have died in an accident at Sao Paulo's stadium, which is due to host the opening ceremony of the 2014 World Cup finals
 The stadium was nearly finished before Wednesday's accident, which occurred when a crane crashed into a 500-ton metal structure. (AP)

Odebrecht Infrastructure, the company building the stadium, told the BBC that the accident happened shortly before 13:00 local time (15:00 GMT).
 That structure then cut through the stadium's outer walls, destroying part of the outside of the building and slamming into a giant LED panel that runs across the facade. (AP)

Most of the workers are believed to have been away on their lunch breaks at the time.

 Public prosecutors and a workers union in Sao Paulo are demanding an investigation into conditions at the work site, saying construction shouldn't resume until authorities deem the stadium safe. (AP)
It said "the crane that hoisted the last module of the structure of the metal roof collapsed causing the fall of the part of the circulation area of the east building".

 Six stadiums have already been declared ready for the games. But Brazil is still racing to finish the other six. (AP)

Burlesque Dance

Burlesque is a literary, dramatic or musical work intended to cause laughter by caricaturing the manner or spirit of serious works, or by ludicrous treatment of their subjects

The word derives from the Italian burlesco, which, in turn, is derived from the Italian burla – a joke, ridicule or mockery

Burlesque Dance is the perfect marriage of vaudevillian spectacle and striptease. The term itself dates as far back as the 16th century, but the act as we know it is a 20th century phenomenon, marked by elaborate costumes, satirical performances and many, many tassles.

Contemporary stars like Dita Von Tesse and World Famous BOB are icons of Neo-Burlesque, a craft that boomed in the 1990s with its edgier ensembles, gender-bending tendencies and oft-political undertones

Burlesque in New York City tends to be very performance art oriented as opposed to the more traditional 'fan dance' burlesque. It’s more about delivering a message or telling a story than it is about revealing a perfect body

World Famous BOB
Dotti Lux
Ms Tickle

Cheekie Lane

Nasty Canasta

Little Brooklyn
Madam Rosebud
Boo Bess


Police helicopter crashed into the roof of an iconic pub in Glasgow city centre Friday Nov 29,2013


Six people are killed' and more than 30 injured when police helicopter crashes though the roof of a packed Glasgow city centre music pub after 'aircraft's rotor blades stopped spinning in mid-air


Around 125 people are thought to have been in the pub at the time


Police Scotland have confirmed that 32 people have been taken to hospital

Two police officers and a civilian pilot were believed to be on board
Eye witness said it looked as though the propellers weren't working and dropped from the sky 'like a stone' at around 10.25pm
An aerial view highlighting The Clutha pub's location next to the River Clyde



Juan Orlando Hernandez Wins Honduran Presidential Election Sunday Nov 24,2013

Juan Orlando Hernandez Wins Presidential Election
The results details are -
Candidate                                                     No.of Votes Polled         Vote%
Juan Orlando Hernandez                                1093618                           36.68
Xiomaro Castro de Zelaya                               858604                           28.80
Mauricio Villeda                                               603968                           20.26
Salvador Nasralla                                             406586                           13.64

Juan Orlando Hernandez was announced as the winner in a result the Supreme Electoral Tribunal's head, David Matamoros, called "irreversible", this followed initial claims by both leading candidates of having won. While opposition protests continued, Hernandez said the result was "not negotiable with anybody"

Claudio Nancufil (8) - 'Messi of the snows'

Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid are interested in signing Claudio Nancufil,an 8-year-old Argentine dubbed the 'Messi of the snows'

Claudio Nancufil plays for the Martin Guemes club in the southern Andes ski resort of Bariloche.

Lionel Messi left Argentina at the age of 13 after Barcelona promised to pay for his treatment for a growth hormone deficiency. Nancufil suffers from a similar condition.

"Claudio Nancufil  is physically small and had the same growth problems detected in Messi when he was little, and he's getting hormone treatment," said Martin Guemes president Marcelo Ernalz.

Giant Louis Vuitton suitcase to leave Moscow's Red Square Wed Nov 27,2013

An installation in Moscow's Red Square in the form of a giant Louis Vuitton suitcase is to be dismantled.

The suitcase, which had been due to house an exhibition about luggage produced by the luxury brand, had caused outrage among some Muscovites.

Some MPs had decried the installation as trivialising a "sacred space" for the Russian state.

The department store GUM, under whose auspices the case was installed, said on Wed Nov 27,2013 that it would be removed.

The decision was taken because of the negative reactions of many Muscovites, the store said in a statement, as well as the fact that the installation exceeded the "maximum parameters" permitted.

The case was 9m (30ft) in height and 30m (100ft) in length

Tata Sons withdraws application for bank licence Wed Nov 27,2013

By July 1,2013 the deadline to apply for banking license, RBI had received 26 applications.The RBI had, on July 1,2013 placed on its website a list of 26 applicants for new bank licences in the private sector


On September 6,2013 the RBI said that Videocon, another large conglomerate had withdrawn its application.


RBI has indicated it would roll out new bank licences by January 2014. The applicants were to be screened by RBI to ensure prima facie eligibility and then the shortlisted applications would be referred to a high level advisory committee.

 The committee, headed by former RBI governor, Bimal Jalan, held its first meeting on November 1, 2013.

With barely two months left before the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issues new bank licences, Tata Sons, led by Cyrus Mistry (pictured), has preferred to opt out of the race.

The decision comes five months after applying for a banking licence.Tata Sons said in a statement that it had evaluated the guidelines for licensing and reached a conclusion that it’s current financial services operating model best supports the current needs of Tata group’s (domestic and overseas) strategy.

“After prolonged deliberations and detailed analysis, Tata Sons has therefore decided to withdraw its application dated July 1, 2013, from the current round of licensing,” the company said in a statement on Wed Nov 27,2013

This is not the first time that a conglomerate has sounded off the unfavorable structure laid out by the RBI for new bank licences.

 Earlier in June 2013 Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M) group had decided not to apply for a banking licence citing the same reason.

The list of remaining 24 players in the fray include -
  • Aditya Birla Nuvo
  • LIC Housing Finance
  • Department of Posts
  • Reliance Capital
  • Bajaj Finserve
  • Bandhan Financial 
  • Edelweiss Financial Services
  • IDFC
  • IFCI
  • Indiabulls Housing Finance
  • India Infoline
  • INMACS Management Services
  • Janalakshmi Financial Services
  • J M Financial
  • L & T Finance Holdings
  • Magma Fincorp
  • Muthoot Finance
  • Religare Enterprises
  • Shriram Capital and Smart Global Ventures
  • SREI Infrastructure Finance
  • Suryamani Financing Company
  • Tourism Finance Corporation of India
  • UAE Exchange & Financial Services and
  • KC Land & Finance

Kotak Mahindra Bank and Yes Bank were the last two entities to get banking licences from the RBI in 2003-04.


Kenya launches new railway to reach South Sudan and Burundi

 Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta
Kenya has formally launched a new, Chinese-financed railway which should extend across East Africa to reach South Sudan, DR Congo and Burundi
 Map showing the route of the new East African railway

The first section will link the Kenyan port of Mombasa to the capital, Nairobi, reducing the journey time from 15 hours to about4 hours

It is said to be the country's biggest infrastructure project since independence 50 years ago.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping agreed the deal in August 2013 in Beijing,china and the contract was given to the Chinese state-owned China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC)

The cost of the railway will be $5.2bn (£3.2bn) - mostly funded by China

European Union(EU) Association Agreement

A European Union Association Agreement is a treaty between the uropean Union (EU) and a Non-EU country that creates a framework for co-operation between them

 Areas frequently covered by such agreements include the development of political, trade, social, cultural and security links

The EU concludes Association Agreements in exchange for commitments to political, economic, trade, or human rights reform in a country. In exchange, the country may be offered Tariff-free access to some or all EU markets (industrial goods, agricultural products, etc.), and financial or technical assistance

In recent history, such agreements are signed as part of two EU policies -
  • Stabilization and Association Process and
  • European Neighbourhood Policy

Association Agreements have to be ratified by all the EU Member States 

Macau Open Badminton Championships

The Macau Open Badminton Championships is an open international championship in Badminton held in Macau(one of the two administered regions of PRC,the other being Hong Kong) since 2006.

Winners Details

Men’s Singles
Women’s Singles
Men’s Doubles
Women’s Doubles
Mixed Doubles
Lin Dan
Judith Meulendijks
Fu Haifeng
Cai Yun
Gao Ling
Huang Sui
Thomas Laybourn
Kamilla Rytter Juhi

Chen Jin
Xie Xingfang
Koo Kien Keat
Tan BoonHeong
Gao Ling
Huang Sui
Xie Zhongbo
Zhang Yawen
Taufik Hidayat
Zhou Mi
Koo Kien Keat
Tan BoonHeong
Cheng Shu
Zhao Yunlei
Xu Chen
Zhao Yunlei

Lee Chong Wei
Wang Yihan
Koo Kien Keat
Tan BoonHeong
Du Jing
Yu Yang
He Hanbin
Yu Yang
Lee Chong Wei
Li Xuerei

Koo Kien Keat
Tan BoonHeong
Cheng Wen-hsing
Chieun Yu-chin
(Chinese Taipei)
Tontowi Ahmad
Lilyana Natsir
Lee Hyun-il
(South Korea)
Wang Shixian
Chai Biao
Guo Zhendong
Kim Ha-na
(South Korea)
Tontowi Ahmad
Lilyana Natsir
Chen Yueken
Sun Yu
Lee Shen –mu
Tsai Chia-hsin
(Chinese Taipei)
Eom Hye-won
Jang Ye-na
(South korea)
Tontowi Ahmad
Lilyana Natsir




Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Nov 29,2013

Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in USA often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas Shopping Season

The day's name originated in Philadelphia  where it originally was used to describe the heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic which would occur on the day after Thanksgiving

2013-14 Barclays Premier League Sunday Dec 01,2013

Tottenham Vs Manchester United

The match ended in a 2-2 draw

Hull city Vs Liverpool

Hull City beats Liverpool 3-1

Chelsea Vs Southampton

Chelsea beats Southampton 3-1

Manchester City Vs Swansea

Manchester City beats Swansea 3-0

2013-14 Barclays Premier League Saturday Nov 30,2013

Aston Villa Vs Sunderland

The match ended in a goalless draw

Cardiff City Vs Arsenal

Arsenal beats Cardiff City 3-0

Everton Vs Stoke City

Everton beats Stoke City 4-0

Norwich City Vs Crystal Palace

Norwich City beats Crystal Palace 1-0

West Ham United Vs Fulham

West Ham United beats Fulham 3-0

Newcastle United Vs West Bromwich Albion

Newcastle United beats West Bromwich Albion 2-1

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani in Music Video

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has been featured in an online music video, entitled Nowsafar (New Journey).
It shows Mr Rouhani delivering a speech at his endorsement ceremony in Tehran on 3 August set to music, with Iranians singing or speaking his words.
Shot in black and white, it bears a close resemblance to the 2008 Yes We Can Video  which featured one of Barack Obama's presidential campaign speeches.

It comes 100 days since Mr Rouhani appointed his cabinet.
The lyrics of the song are based on Mr Rouhani's first speech as president following his endorsement by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.