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Monday, November 25, 2013

World's Longest Nonstop Commercial Flight

A non-stop flight, especially in the Aviation Industry, refers to any Flight by an Aircraft which does not involve any intermediate stops. A "Direct Flight" is not the same as a "non-stop flight". To qualify for this article, an ultra Ultra Long-Haul non-stop flight should be a flight by a commercially operated Airliner with:
  • No scheduled intermediate stop of any kind
  • Above about 7,500 miles (12,100 km) in route length
On November 9, 2005 a Boeing 777-200LR, dubbed the Worldliner, completed the world's longest non-stop passenger flight. It traveled 13,423 mi (21,602 km) eastward, as opposed to a normal westward routing for that sector, which is much shorter at 9,647 km, from Hong Kong to London, in roughly 22 hours 22 minutes

As of January 2012 the two longest nonstop scheduled airline flights are between Singapore and North America

By December 2013, due to the discontinuation of the Singapore flights, the longest non-stop scheduled airline flight will be non-stop only one way, from Australia to North America (the reverse flight has a scheduled intermediate stop partly for refueling), and the longest flight that is scheduled non-stop in both directions will be between North America and Africa.

The world's longest nonstop commercial flight ended without fanfare on Monday Nov 25,2013 after Singapore Airlines (SIA) flew its last nearly 19-hour service from New York.

Flight SQ 21 landed early Monday in Changi Airport,Singapore bringing an end to a 9-year run. A direct service to Los Angeles has also been cancelled as part of a fleet renewal.

Following the withdrawal of services by SIA, 3 routes will share the distinction of being the longest in terms of duration - at 16 hours and 20 minutes
Dubai-Los Angeles and

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