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Thursday, September 15, 2011

‘Evolta’ Robot

The EVOLTA robot from Panasonic is a design that’s meant to showcase the power of AA batteries.Even if batteries are one of the most commonly used items in the world, it seems Panasonic doesn’t think they get enough attention. That’s why they put together the EVOLTA robot, and decided to send the little robot on a 500-kilometer trek across Japan.EVOLTA spent two months on the road, traveling 500-kilometers in total, and made it to Kyoto ahead of schedule, which Panasonic was pretty happy about.

Panasonic wants to prove that its AA alkaline Evolta  batteries are the best in the world.Evolta batteries have a 10-year shelf life. Panasonic boasts they're the longest-lasting batteries of their kind in the world.The batteries the robot bears on its back, which go on sale in Japan on October 21, can be recharged up to 1,800 times by being placed on a recharger pad.
Built of carbon fiber over an aluminum frame, the Evolta robot Car (more like a tricycle) travels at a blinding top speed of 0.8 mph. It has two small forward motors powered by a pair of batteries in its robot driver's back, and autonomously follows a lead car emitting an infrared guide signal.

Evolta Robot,the7-inch-tall humanoid little green and white guy can stand on the palm of your hand, runs on rechargeable batteries is taking on Hawaii's famous Ironman Triathlon course.The triathlon challenge begins on October 24 and will continue non-stop for seven days and nights.

Fitted with three different bodies and three rechargeable batteries, the hand-sized “Evolta” from electronics firm Panasonic will swim, bicycle and run.The robot will have to swim, run and bike for a total of approximately 230 km. The time given to complete the task is one week or 168 hours, which is ten times longer than it would take a sportsman.

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