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Friday, July 6, 2018

Govt School in Tamil Nadu Builds Urine Basins Using Discarded Water Cans

In an attempt to encourage environmental cleanliness, a government school in Tamil Nadu's Villipuram created 10 urine basins using discarded water cans keeping the Swachh Bharat Mission in mind.

According to the teachers, unlike the girls in the school, the boys did not have access to toilets inside the school premises and relieved themselves out in the open ground

K Murugesan, a teacher, said: "We had toilets in our school. But students choose to relieve themselves out in the open." It was a low cost project as they used discarded water cans and converted them into urine basins.

Ravi Varma, an 8th standard student, said: "We are taught to keep our environment clean. Hence, the new toilets built are more useful for us. We had a very small toilet before this invention and hence many of us didn't use it. Now, we have 10 urine basins"

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