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Friday, July 6, 2018

Bus Driversin Paris wins a year long battle;the right to war shorts during a heat wave

As northern Europe swelters, Parisian bus drivers have won a years-long battle: the right to wear shorts during a heatwave.

French public officials generally wear formal uniforms, and employers show little flexibility.

But, bowing to longstanding staff requests, state-owned transport operator RATP will allow its 15,000 drivers to wear bermuda shorts or skirts from June to September when temperatures rise above 28 Celsius.

"It has been a recurring conversation every year and this year, surprise, we got them," said bus driver Abdelkader Arioua.

Men, who make up 90% of the drivers, will receive trousers that can be turned into shorts with a zipper.

Women will receive skirts.

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