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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Meryl Streep

Mary Louise "Meryl" Streep (born June 22, 1949) is an American actress who has worked in theatre, television and film who is widely regarded as one of the most talented and respected actresses of the modern era.
Meryl Streep made her film debut with'Julia'(1977)

 Both critical and commercial success came quickly with roles in 'The Deer Hunter'(1978) and Kramer Vs Kramer(1979) the former giving Meryl Streep her 1st Osar Nomination and the later her 1st win.

Meryl Streep Won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in 'Sophie's Choice '(1982)

 As the Polish Holocaust survivor her emotional dramatic performance and her apparent mastery of a Polish accent drew praise in 'Sophie's Choice'

 Meryl Streep Won the BAFTAAward for Best Actress in a leading role for the film ' The French Lieutenant's Woman ' (1981)

In the film ' Silkwood '(1983)  a biographical film in which she played her first real-life character,the Union Activist Karen Silkwood.

 In the film ' Falling In Love '(1984) a romantic drama with a storyline of -
During shopping for Christmas, Frank and Molly run into each other.Although both are married and Frank has two little kids, they meet more and more often, their friendship becoming the most precious thing in their lives.  

 In the film 'Plenty '(1985) where the plot focuses on -
Susan Traherne, irreparably changed by her experiences as a fighter for the French Resistance during World War II. She is determined to achieve what she wishes in the post-war world which, after her time away, she finds trivial and inadequate, while acting with complete disregard for everybody around her.

 Out of Africa(1985) is an adventure drama film directed and produced by Sydney Pollack, with lead roles played by Robert Redford and Meryl Streep. The story based loosely on the autobiographical book Out Of Africa written by Isak Dinesen(the pseudonym of the author Karen Blixen)

 Meryl Streep was named Best Actress at the Valladolid Intl.Film Festival for her performance in '
Heartburn '(1986)
 NewYork City food writer Rachel Samstat and Washington DC political columnist Mark Forman meet at a mutual friend's wedding and, after a whirlwind courtship, they marry, despite Rachel's reservations. They purchase a dilapidated  townhouse in Washington and the ongoing and seemingly never-ending renovations create some stress in their relationship. Rachel, overjoyed to discover she is pregnant, is determined to make her marriage work and becomes a stay-at-home mom. When she discovers evidence of Mark's extramarital affair with socialite Thelma Rice during her pregnancy with her second child, she leaves him and takes their daughter Annie to New York, where she moves in with her father and tries to jump start her career. Mark eventually convinces her to return home, but when it's obvious his philandering will never end, Rachel leaves him for good.

 The film ' Ironweed'(1987) is based on the Pulitzer-Prize winning Novel of the same title by William Kennedy and concerns the relationship of a homeless couple: Francis(Jack Nicolson), an alcolholic, and Helen(Meryl Streep), a terminally ill woman during the
Great Depression.Meryl Streep Sang Onscreen for the 1st time in this film. 

 Evil Angels (released in USA as A Cry in the Dark) is a 1988 Australian film directed by Fred Schepsi. The screenplay by Schepisi and Robert Caswell is based on John Bryson's 1985 book Evil Angels, the title under which the film was released in Australia. It chronicles the case of Azaria Chamberlain, a nine-week-old baby girl who disappeared from a camp-ground near Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock) in August 1980 and the struggle of her parents, Michael and Lindy, to prove their innocence to a public convinced that they were complicit in her death.

 For 'Evil Angels' Meryl Streep got nomination for Best Actress at the Academy Awards and Golden Globe.
She won the Best Actress in a leading role from Australian Film Institute for this film -
(1) Australian Film Institute
(2)NewYork Film Critic Circle
(3) 1989 Cannes Film Festival

 Meryl Streep's 1st Comedy role was in the film 'She-Devil'(1989)

Meryl Streep was nominated for the "Best Actress for a Musical or Comedy" Golden Globe in 1990.

 Meryl streep acted in the thriller film 'River Wild(1994)where the story involves a family on a whitewater rafting trip who encounter two violent criminals in the wilderness.

The film ' The Bridges of Madison County'(1995) won the Best Foreign film Award in France and Japan.Also for this film Meryl streep was nominated for the  for the best Actress at Academy Award and Golden Globe Award

Meryl Streep won the nomination for Best Actress at the 1997 Golden Globe Award for the film ' Marwin's Room'(1996)

One True Thing(1998)  tells the story of a woman who is forced to put her life on hold in order tocare for her mother who is dying of cancer.For this film,Meryl Streep was nominated for the Best Actress at the Academy Awards where she lost to Gwyneth Paltrow for her role in 'shakespeare in Love'

 The film 'Music of the Heart'(1999) tells the story of a schoolteacher's struggle to teach violin to inner-city Harlem kids.For this film,Meryl Streep was required her to learn to play the violin  and was nominated for the Best Actress at the Academy Awards.

 Meryl Streep has also acted in the A.I. Artificial Intelligence, also known as A.I.(2001)a science fiction dram produced,directed and co-written by Steven Spielberg

 For the film 'Adaptation'(2002) in which Meryl Streep  portrayed real-life journalist Susan Orlean got her 4th Gold Globe Award in the Best Supporting Actress category.

 The film 'The Hours'(2002) focuses on three women of different generations whose lives are interconnected by the Novel Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. The film was generally well-received and won all three leading actresses a Silver Bear for Best Actress  the following year

Meryl Streep has received16 Academy Award Nominations, winning 2, and 25 Golden Globe Nominations, winning 7, more nominations than any other actor in the history of either award.

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