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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Larry Crowne(2011)

Larry Crowne(Tom Hanks) is a Navy veteran who loses his job and decides to enroll into community college. He befriends a group of outcasts and also falls in love with speech professor Mercedes Tainot(Julia Roberts).Oscar winners Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts star as teacher and student overcoming different obstacles in life on the way to personal reinvention.
The film releases on July 1,2011. Tom Hanks not only stars in this film, he wrote and directs this dramatic comedy film.The plot of the film is -
Larry Crowne (Tom Hanks) is a superstar team leader who faces the harsh realities of recession when his big-box company hands him walking papers as he is downsized due to not possessing a college degree. Without anything to capture the moments he finds free during the day, he enrolls in a local college to pursue a new path in life where he meets Mercedes Tainot (Julia Roberts), a teacher as burned out with her profession as she is with her husband. Roberts teaches his public-speaking class where he learns life can start over at any age and one can discover unexpected reasons to live in the strangest places.

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