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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Endangered Mammals

Most endangered mammal species are threatened by habitat loss, while a significant percentage continue to be hunted despite dwindling population sizes.
According to the IUCN, some 20 percent of all known mammal species are either threatened or endangered.

The 'Addax' is a rare antelope found in the deserts of Northwest Africa.Fewer than 500 individuals remain in the wild


'African Wild Ass' found in  Ethiopia and Somalia, though their range once included Egypt, Sudan and Israel. They are threatened by hunting and habitat loss

'African Wild Dog' numbers are now dwindling — mainly due to loss of habitat and poaching — and there may be only a few thousand individuals left in the wild

 The 'Anoa' is one of the smallest cattle species, and one of the most endangered. They are found in the remote, undisturbed lowland forests of Sulawesi and nearby Southeast Asian islands, and tend to retreat to higher elevations of the forest in response to human presence. They live alone or in pairs, and spend much of their time feeding on grasses, leaves and herbs.

The 'Arabian Oryx ' is an antelope that lives in nomadic herds.Now extinct in the wild, it once occurred throughout the Arabian Peninsula.

The 'Asian Buffalo' is a cattle species  in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Thailand.The Asian buffalo is threatened by hunting, interbreeding with domestic stocks and loss of habitat, and there may be only a few thousand individuals left in the wild

'Asian Elephants' are somewhat smaller than African elephants and rapidly declining due to loss of suitable habitat throughout its range.

The 'Bactrian Camel' is a two-hump camel with a shaggy coat and an almost U-shaped neck. It is the only remaining Old World camel in the wild. It lives in the harsh arid plains along the border between China and Mongolia, and can withstand temperatures from minus 20°F to 100°F. Hunting and competition with grazing domestic species have led to a drastic decline and there are currently fewer than 2,000 animals in the wild.

The 'Black-footed Ferret' is a carnivorous mammal with short ears, a short snout and five toes on each foot. The black-footed ferret is currently listed as extinct in the wild, but captive breeding programs may allow for successful reintroduction of wild populations.

The 'Bearded Saki' is a monkey found in the dense tropical forests of the Amazon in South America

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