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Monday, March 28, 2016

This restaurant in Kochi,Kerala,India has a fridge outside for people to donate excess food

Charity begins at home, or in this case at a restaurant.

An eatery called Pappadavada in Kochi,Kerala,India started an initiative under which they installed a refrigerator outside for people to donate the excess food that they have. And anyone is welcome to open the fridge and take food from it.

The initiative is called 'Nanma Maram' which translates to 'goodness tree'.

Minu Pauline, who left her job at Citibank to start her own chain of restaurants, set up the first outlet of Pappadavada in September 2013. She attributes its success to the community and had a desire to give back.
Thus, with the inauguration of her second outlet on March 23, 2016, she began this beautiful initiative.
The restaurant and the initiative being inaugurated by Malayali actor Joju George

Minu Pauline says that Pappadavada themselves add fifty packets of food to the refrigerator every day. They also have a marker on the fridge so that people can mark their food packets with the correct date. This helps discard the older packets.
"A lot of times, people ask if they can buy a packet of food from us to donate in the fridge, but we discourage that. The aim of this to make sure that food is not wasted." said Minu Pauline

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