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Monday, March 28, 2011


 Source:Frontline March 26 - April 08 2011
In Tamil Nadu, untouchability is so deep-rooted that there are separate burial spaces for Dalits and upper castes even in some urban pockets
At Koozhaiyanur village in Theni district, a Dalit man points to the place where his brother, S. Raju, was buried in his own field after caste Hindus refused access to the common burial ground
Article 17 of the Constitution abolishes all forms of untouchability, the reality is otherwise even when it comes to burying the dead.
The Madras High Court has also flayed the discriminatory practices adopted by different communities in respect of graveyards. Delivering a judgment in a burial ground-related case on September 2, 2008, Justice K. Chandru directed the Corporation of Madurai to end the practice of allotting separate cremation yards on the basis of communities or castes.
Unfortunately, even though about 60 years have elapsed after the passing of the Constitution, the practice of untouchability has not been completely abolished.

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