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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

United Arab Emirates and UAE News

Before 1971, the UAE was known as the Trucial States or Trucial Oman, in reference to a 19th-century truce between the UK  and several Arab Sheikhs.
In the early 1960s, Oil was discovered in Abu Dhabi, an event that led to quick unification calls made by UAE sheikdoms .The sheikhs of the emirates then decided to form Trucial States Council to coordinate matters between them.
The rulers of Abu Dhabi and Dubai decided to form a union between their two emirates independently, prepare a constitution, then call the rulers of the other five emirates to a meeting and offer them the opportunity to join.It was also agreed between the two that the constitution be written by December 2, 1971.On that date, at the Dubai Guesthouse Palace, four other emirates agreed to enter into a union called the United Arab Emirates.Ras al Khaimah joined later, in early 1972.

abbreviated as UAE or shortened to The Emirates , is a federation situated in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula in SouthWest Asia on the Persian Gulf, bordering Oman and Saudi Arabia and sharing sea borders with Iraq, Kuwait, Baharain, Qatar and Iran
(UAE) occupies an area of 83,600 sq km along the south-eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula
4/5th of the UAE is desert. The UAE has 734 Km of coastline, 644 Km along the Arabian Gulf and 90 Km bordering the Gulf of Oman

 Country Profile

Islam  is the official religion, and Arabic is the Official Language
UAE's Oil Reserves are ranked as 6th largest in the World
form of government is Constitutional Monarchy with a Presidential  System.
is a founding member of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf
is a member state of the Arab League
is also a member of the United Nations
is also a member of the Organization of the Islamic Conference,
is also a member of the OPEC, and
is also a member of the WTO

UAE consists of seven states termed emirates -
Abu Dhabi ; Ajman ; Dubai ; Fujairah ;  Ras al Khaimah ; Sharjah ;  and Umm al Quwain

Of the total 6 million residents, less than 20% are Emirati. The majority of U.A.E. citizens are Sunni Muslim with a Shi'a minority.  More than half are South Asian, and a significant number are from Europe and North Africa.


From November to March daytime temperatures average a very pleasant 24° C (75° F). Night-time temperatures are slightly cooler, averaging 13° C (56° F) and less than 5° C (40° F) in the depths of the desert or high in the mountains. Summer temperatures are high, and can be as high as 48° C (118° F) inland, but it is lower by few degrees in coastal.
Humidity in coastal areas averages between 50 and 60 per cent, touching over 90 per cent in summer and autumn. Inland it is far less humid.
Average rainfall is low at less than 6.5 centimeters annually, more than half of which falls in December and January.

 Abu Dhabi 
 is the largest as well as the most populated of the 7 Emirates and the Federal capital of the UAE.   
is the center of government and business life in the UAE, 
headquarters of the emirates oil operating companies and embassies are based here. 
discovery of oil in 1958 and its subsequent export from 1962 produced a sudden upsurge in Abu Dhabi 's prosperity
was also the 1st emirate to export oil from the Umm Shaif offshore field in 1962

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