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Monday, July 24, 2017

Make These 5 Changes To Save Your Heart

Exercise - You need to start somewhere and exercise is the best initiator. Even if you're new to this (trust me, most of us are) you can start by something small. Walking daily can also do wonders for your body. Exercise improves the blood flow in your heart and body and can prevent majority of the diseases caused by a lethargic attitude.

Stop Smoking - Smoking increases the risk of a cardiovascular heart disease. It damages your arteries and inhibits the flow of oxygenated blood. This can cause heart attack or a stroke. We don't have to tell you the harmful effects of smoking, but if you don't stop this deadly habit you have no healthy future ahead you

A Healthy Diet - What you eat makes the kind of man you are. A healthy diet is the simplest way to have a healthy heart. Cut carbs and excess fats from your diet and increase intake of fibers and vitamins. Avoid liquid intakes of calories, soda for instance. Don't try any fancy diets which may end up harming you.

Limit Alcohol - Excessive drinking of alcohol can shoot up your blood pressure and can cause heart attacks. Heavy drinking can double the chance of irregular heartbeat and consequently of heart failure. Alcohol also makes you secluded and could pave way for depression and anxiety. None of them are good for your heart.

Stay Positive - A healthy mind delivers a healthy body. Unless you stay positive there is no way your body will remain healthy. Be thankful for all that you have and try to feel content. The more stress free you live, the happier your heart is going to be.

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