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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Facebook Messenger Lite launches in India

Facebook has unveiled the Facebook Messenger Lite in India. The ‘lite’ version of the hugely popular app has been rolled out with an aim to help people connect using the app, even when there is a low bandwidth and poor internet connection. Messenger Lite is a lightweight, simple and fast variant of the mobile app, and it is targeting markets with slow mobile internet connections. The feature is also aimed at those who use basic Android smartphones, as it will use only fewer resources. In a note, Facebook said that Messenger Lite will offer most of the basic functions that are present in the full Messenger, including texts, photos and links to emojis and stickers. It must be noted that the Messenger Lite app takes up under 10MB of space on the phone, which makes it fast to install and quick to start up.
Voice calls using internet data is quickly becoming a popular feature, especially in developing markets. This has prompted Facebook to retain this feature with an ‘Active Now’ indicator. People will also be able to use the app to manage groups. Messenger Lite is already present in Japan, Nigeria, Vietnam, Peru, Germany, Turkey, and the Netherlands. However, India will be the largest market to get the new app. Facebook had rolled out a lite version of the social network app too a couple of years ago. The app is popular among those who use budget Android phones, which still make up the volumes in a market like India. This February, Facebook had announced how the Facebook Lite had crossed 200 million users

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