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Thursday, May 17, 2018

2018 Indian Premier League(IPL)Season 11 April 07- May 27,2018 - What KKR, MI, RCB, RR and KXIP need to do to stake claim for two remaining playoff spots

2018 IPL Match Results

Match 01 MI Vs CSK @ Mumbai Saturday April 07,2018
MI                      176/7 in 20 Overs
CSK                   177/6 in 18.5 Overs
Match Result      CSK won by 1 wicket
MOM                 Dwayne Bravo(CSK) for his 68(30 Balls 4x3 and 6x7)

Match 02 KXIP Vs DD @ Mohali Sunday April 08,2018 

DD                         166/7 in 20 Overs
KXIP                      167/4 in 18.5 Overs
Match Result           KXIP won by 6 wickets
MOM                      K L Rahul(KXIP)for his 51(16 Balls 4x6 and 6x4)

Match 03 KKR Vs RCB @ Kolkata Sunday April 08,2018

RCB                   176/7 in 20 Overs
KKR                   177/6 in 15.5 Overs
Match Result     KKR won by 4 wickets
MOM                 Sunil Narine(KKR) for his 1/30(4 Overs) and 50(19 Balls 4x4 and 6x5)

Match 04 SRH Vs RR @ Hyderabad  Monday April 09,2018

RR                   125/9 in 20 Overs
SRH                  127/1 in 18.5 Overs
Match Result     SRH won by 9 wickets
MOM                 Shikhar Dhawan(SRH)for his 77*(57 Balls 4x13 and 6x)

Match 05 CSK Vs KKR @ Chennai Tuesday April 10,2018 

KKR 202/6 in 20 Overs
CSK  205/5 in 19.5 Overs
Match Result CSK won by 5 wickets
MOM Sam Billings(CSK)for his 56(23 Balls 4x2 and 6x5)

Match 06 RR Vs DD @ Jaipur Wednesday April 11,2018
RR                       153/5 in 17.5 Overs
DD                         60/4 in 6 Overs(Target 71 Runs)
Match Result       RR won by 10 Runs under D/L
MOM                   Sanju Samson(RR) for his 37(22 Balls 4x2 and 6x2)

Match 07 SRH Vs MI @ Hyderabad Thursday April 12,2018 

MI                           147/8 in 20 Overs
SRH                        151/9 in 20 Overs
Match Result          SRH won by 1 wicket
MOM                      Rashid Khan(SRH) for his 1/13(4 Overs)

Match 08 RCB Vs KXIP @ Bengaluru Friday April 13,2018 

KXIP                       155/10 in 20 Overs
SRH                        159/6 in 19.3 Overs
Match Result           RCB won by 4 wickets
MOM                      Umesh Yadav(RCB)for his 3/23(4 Overs)

Match 09 MI Vs DD @ Mumbai Saturday April 14,2018

MI                        194/7 in 20 Overs
DD                       195/3 in 20 Overs
Match Result        DD won by 7 wickets
MOM                    Jason Roy(DD) for his 91*(53 Balls 4x6 and 6x6)

Match 10 KKR Vs SRH @ Kolkata Saturday April 14,2018

KKR                   138/8 in 20 Overs
SRH                    139/5 in 19 Overs
Match Result       SRH won by 5 wickets
MOM                   Billy Stanlake(SRH) for his 2/21(4 Overs)

Match 11 RCB Vs RR @ Bengaluru Sunday April 15,2018 

RR                          217/4 in 20 Overs
RCB                        198/6 in 20 Overs
Match Result          RR won by 19 Runs
MOM                      Sanju Samson(RR) for his 92*(45 Balls 4x2 and 6x10)

Match 12 KXIP Vs CSK @ Mohali Sunday April 15,2018 

KXIP                  197/7 in 20 Overs
CSK                    193/5 in 20 Overs
Match Result       KXIP won by 4 wickets
MOM                   Chris Gayle(KXIP) for his 63(32 Balls 4x7 and 6x4)

Match 13 KKR Vs DD @ Kolkata Monday April 16,2018

KKR                  200/9 in 20 Overs
DD                     129/10 in 14.2 Overs
Match Result      KKR won by 71 Runs
MOM                  Nitish Rana(KKR) for his 59(35 Balls 4x5 and 6x4)

Match 14 MI Vs RCB @ Mumbai Tuesday April 17,2018

MI                          213/6 in 20 Overs
RCB                       167/8 in 20 Overs
Match Result         MI won by 46 Runs
MOM                     Rohit Sharma(MI) for his 94(52 Balls 4x10 and 6x5)

 Match 15 RR Vs KKR @ Jaipur Wednesday April 18,2018

RR                     160/8 in 20 Overs
KKR                  163/3 in 18.5 Overs
Match Result     KKR Won by 7 wickets
MOM                Nitish Rana(KKR) for his 35*(27 Balls 4x2 and 2/11(2 Overs)

Match 16 KXIP Vs SRH @ Mohali Thursday April 19,2018

KXIP                     193/3 in 20 Overs
SRH                       178/4 in 20 Overs
Match Result         KXIP won by 15 Runs
MOM                     Chris Gayle(KXIP) for his 104*(63 Balls 4x1 and 6x11)

Match 17 CSK Vs RR @ Pune Friday April 20,2018

CSK                      204/5 in 20 Overs
RR                         140/10 in 18.3 Overs
Match Result         CSK won by 64 Runs
MOM                     Shane Watson(CSK) for his 106(57 Balls 4x9 and 6x6) -3rd IPL Ton

Match 18 KKR Vs KXIP @ Kolkata Saturday April 21,2018

KKR                         191/7 in 20 Overs
KXIP                        126/1 in 11.1 Overs(Target 125 Runs in 13 Overs)
Match Result            KXIP won by 9 wickets under D/L
MOM                        K L Rahul(KXIP)for his 60(27 Balls 4x9 and 6x2)

Match 19 RCB Vs DD @ Bengaluru Saturday April 21,2018

DD                             174/5 in 20 Overs
RCB                           176/4 in 18 Overs
Match Result              RCB won by 6 wickets
MOM                          AB de Villiers(RCB)for his 90*(39 Balls 4x10 and 6x5)

Match 20 SRH Vs CSK  @ Hyderabad Sunday April 22,2018

CSK                      182/3 in 20 Overs
SRH                      178/6 in 20 Overs
Match Result         CSK won by 4 Runs
MOM                     Ambati Rayudu(CSK)for his 79(37 Balls 4x9 and 6x4)

Match 21 RR  Vs MI @ Jaipur Sunday April 22,2018

MI                          167/7 in 20 Overs
RR                         168/7 in 19.4 Overs
Match Result         RR won by 3 wickets
MOM                     Johra Archer(RR) for his 3/22(44 Overs) - Maiden IPL Match

 Match 22 DD Vs KXIP @ Delhi Monday April 23,2018

KXIP                     143/8 in 20 Overs
DD                         139/8  in 20 Overs
Match Result          KXIP won by 4 Runs
MOM                      Ankit Rajpoot(KXIP) for his 2/23(4 Overs)

 Match 23 MI Vs SRH  @ Mumbai  Tuesday April 24,2018

SRH                    118/10 in 18.4 Overs
MI                         87/10 in 18.5 Overs
Match Result      SRH won by 31 Runs
MOM                  Rashid Khan(SRH)for his 2/11(4 Overs)

Match 24 RCB Vs CSK  @ Bengaluru Wednesday April 25,2018

RCB                  205/8 in 20 Overs
CSK                  207/5 in 19.4 Overs
Match Result     CSK won by 5 wickets
MOM                M S Dhonei(CSK)for his 70*(34 Balls 4x1 and 6x7)

Match 25 SRH Vs KXIP @ Hyderabad Thursday april 26,2018

SRH                   132/6 in 20 Overs
KXIP                  119/10 in 19.2 Overs
Match Result      SRH won by 13 Runs
MOM                  Ankit Rajpoot(KXIP) for his 5/14(4 Overs)

Match 26 DD Vs KKR @ Delhi on Friday April 27,2018

DD                           219/4 in 20 Overs
KKR                         164/9 in 20 Overs
Match Result            DD won by 55 Runs
MOM                        ShreyasIyer(DD)for his 93*(40 Balls 4x3 and 6x10)

Match 27 CSK Vs MI  @ Pune Saturday  April 28,2018

CSK                     169/5 in 20 Overs
MI                        170/2 in 19.4 Overs
Match Result        MI won by 8 wickets
MOM                   Rohit Sharma(MI)for his 56-(33 Balls 4x6 and 6x2)

Match 28 RR Vs SRH  @ Jaipur Sunday  April 29,2018

SRH                     151/7 in 20 Overs
RR                        140/6 in 20 Overs
Match Result        SRH won by 11 Runs
MOM                   Kane Williamson(SRH)for his 63(43 Balls 4x7 and 6x2)

Match 29 RCB Vs KKR  @ Bengaluru Sunday  April 29,2018 

RCB                    175/4  in 20 Overs
KKR                    176/4 in 19.1 Overs
Match Result       KKR won by 6 wickets
MOM                   Chris Lynn(KKR)for his 62*(52 Balls 4x7 and 6x1)

Match 30 CSK Vs DD  @ Pune Monday  April 30,2018

CSK                      211/4 in 20 Overs
DD                        198/5 in 20 Overs
Match Result         CSK won by 13 Runs
MOM                    Shane Watson(CSK)for his 78(40 Balls 4x4 and 6x7)

 Match 31 RCB Vs MI  @ Bengaluru  Tuesday  May 01,2018

RCB                        167/7  in 20 Overs
MI                           153/7  in 20 Overs
Match Result           RCB won by 14 Runs
MOM                      Tim Southee(RCB) for his 2/25(4 Overs)

 Match 32 DD Vs RR  @ Delhi Wednesday  May 02,2018

DD                        196/6 in 17.1 Overs
RR                         146/5  in 12 Overs(Target 151 in 12 Overs)
Match Result        DD Won by 4 Runs
MOM                    Risabh Pant(DD) for his 69(27 Balls 47x and 6x5)

Match 33  KKR Vs CSK  @ Kolkata Thursday  May 03,2018

CSK                      177/5 in 20 Overs
KKR                      180/4 in17.4 Overs
Match Result         KKR won by 6 Wickets
MOM                     Sunil Narine(KKR)for his 2/20(4 Overs)and 32(20 Balls 4x4 and 6x2)

 Match 34 KXIP Vs MI  @ Indore  Friday  May 04,2018

KXIP                  174/6  in 20 Overs
MI                       176/4  in 19 Overs
Match Result       MI won by 6 wickets
MOM                 Suryakumar Yadav(MI)for his 57(42 Balls 4x6 and 6x3)

Match 35 CSK  Vs RCB  @ Pune  Saturday  May 05,2018

RCB                    127/9  in 20 Overs
CSK                    128/4  in 18 Overs
Match Result       CSK won by 6 wickets
MOM                   Ravindra Jadeja(CSK)for his 3/18(4 Overs)

Match 36 SRH  Vs DD  @ Hyderabad  Saturday  May 05,2018

DD                           163/5 in 20 Overs
SRH                         164/3 in 19.5 Overs
Match Result            SRH won by 7 wickets
MOM                       Rashid Khan(SRH)for his 2/23(4 Overs)

 Match 37 MI Vs KKR @ Mumbai Sunday  May 06,2018

MI                         181/4 in 20 Overs
KKR                     168/6 in 20 Overs
Match Result        MI won by 13 Runs
MOM                    Hardik Pandya(MI)for his 35*(20 Balls 4x4 and 6x1)and 2/19(4 Overs)

Match 38  KXIP Vs RR @ Indore Sunday  May 06,2018 

RR                             152/9  in 20 Overs
KXIP                         155/4 in 18.4 Overs
Match Result             KXIP won by 6 wickets
MOM                        Mujeeb Ur Rahaman(KXIP)for his 3/27(4 Overs)

Match 39  SRH Vs RCB @ Hyderabad Monday  May 07,2018

SRH                    146/10 in 20 Overs
RCB                    141/6 in 20 Overs
Match Result       SRH won by 5 Runs
MOM                   Kane Williamson(SRH)for his 56(39 Balls 4x5 and 6x2)

Match 40 RR Vs KXIP @ Jaipur Tuesday  May 08,2018
RR                      158/8 in 20 Overs
KXIP                  143/7 in 20 Overs
Match Result      RR won by 15 Runs
MOM                  Jos Butler(RR)for his 82(58 Balls 4x9 and 6x1)

 Match 41 KKR  Vs MI @ Kolkata Wednesday  May 09,2018

MI                       210/6 in 20 Overs
KKR                    108/10  in18.1 Overs
Match Result      MI won by 102 Runs
MOM                 Ishan Kishan(MI)for his 62(21 Balls 4x5 and 6x6)

Match 42 DD Vs SRH @ Delhi Thursday  May 10,2018

DD                         187/5  in 20 Overs
SRH                       191/1  in 18.5 Overs
Match Result          SRH won by 9 wickets
MOM                    Shikhar Dhawan(SRH)for his 92*(50 Balls 4x9 and 6x4)

Match 43 RR Vs CSK @ Jaipur Friday  May 11,2018

CSK                  176/4 i n 20 Overs
RR                    177/6 in 19.5 Overs
Match Result    RR won by 4 wickets
MOM                Jos Butler(RR)for his 95*(60 Balls 4x11 and 6x2)

Match 44  KXIP Vs KKR @ Indore Saturday  May 12,2018

KKR                      245/6 in 20 Overs
KXIP                     214/8  in 20 Overs
Match Result         KKR won by 31 Runs
MOM                    Sunil Narine(KKR)for his 75(36 Balls 4x9 and 6x4) and 1/44(4 Overs)

Match 45 DD Vs RCB @ Delhi Saturday  May 12,2018

DD                       181/4 in 20 Overs
RCB                     187/5 in 19 Overs
Match Result        RCB won by 5 wickets
MOM                    AB de Villiers(RCB)for his 72*(37 Balls 4x4 and 6x6)

Match 46 CSK  Vs SRH @ Pune Sunday  May 13,2018

SRH                     179/4 i n 20 Overs
CSK                     180/2 in 19 Overs
Match Result        CSK won by 8 wickets
MOM                   Ambati RAyudu(CSK)for his 100*(62 Balls 4x7 and 6x7)

Match 47 MI Vs RR @ Mumbai Sunday  May 13,2018

MI                          168/6 in 20 Overs
RR                          171/3 in 18 Overs
Match Result          RR won by 7 wickets
MOM                      Jos Butler(RR)for his 94*(53 Balls 4x9 and 6x5)

 Match 48 KXIP  Vs RCB @ Indore Monday  May 14,2018

KXIP                       88/10 in 15.1 Overs
RCB                         92/0 in  8.1 Overs
Match Result           RCB won by 10 wickets
MOM                      Umesh Yadav(RCB)for his 3/23(4 Overs)

Match 49 KKR Vs RR @ Kolkata  Tuesday  May 15,2018

RR                        142/10  in 19 Overs
KKR                     145/4 in 18 Overs
Match Result        KKR won by 6 wickets
MOM                    Kuldeep Yadav(KKR)for his 4/20(4 Overs)

Match 50 MI Vs KXIP @ Mumbai Wednesday  May 16,2018

MI                        186/8  in 20 Overs
KXIP                    183/5 in 20 Overs
Match Result        MI won by 3 Runs
MOM                    Jasprit Bumrah(MI)for his 3/15(4 Overs)

Match 51RCB Vs SRH @ Bengaluru Thursday  May 17,2018

RCB                         218/6 in 20 Overs
SRH                          204/3 in 20 Overs
Match Result           RCB won by 14 Runs
MOM                       AB de Villiers(RCB)for his 69(39 Balls 4x12 and 6x1)
51 matches have been played in the Indian Premier League (IPL) season so far and there are still five teams which are playing for the third and fourth spots that guarantee a playoff berth.

There have been many close finishes in this year’s IPL and because of that it is safe to say that this year’s tournament is the most open till date.

The matches which will be played during this weekend will determine which will be the two others teams which will go through with Sunrisers Hyderabad and Chennai Super Kings in this year’s playoffs.

The easiest equation is for Kolkata Knight Riders while the other teams need to play with some permutations and combinations to seal the position in the final four.

Here is how the teams stand after Royal Challengers Bangalore's win over SRH

1. SRH (Q) P: 13; W:9; L:4; Pts: 18; NRR: +0.319
2. CSK (Q) P: 12; W:8; L:4; Pts: 16; NRR: +0.383
3. KKR P:13; W:7; L:6; Pts: 14; NRR: -0.091
4. MI P:13; W:6; L:7; Pts: 12; NRR: +0.384
5. RCB P:13; W:6; L:7; Pts: 12; NRR: +0.264
6. RR P:13; W:6; L:7; Pts: 12; NRR: -0.403
7. KXIP P: 13; W:6; L:7; Pts: 12; NRR: -0.490
8. DD P:13; W:3; L:9; Pts: 6; NRR: -0.478

Kolkata Knight Riders

After thrashing Rajasthan Royals at home in their last encounter, KKR now have 14 points and are at the third position in the table. Their next match is against the table-toppers Sunrisers Hyderabad. They just need to beat Sunrisers Hyderabad to make it to the top 4. If they lose their match against SRH then they need to rely on the results of other matches and in that case, if either RCB or MI, win their last encounter then KKR will be out of the tournament as both RCB and MI are certain to have a better NRR than KKR if they both win.
However, if RCB win their last match with KKR losing against SRH, DD beat MI at Kotla and KXIP beat CSK at Pune then RCB will go through and the team with a higher NRR from KKR and KXIP will become the fourth team to qualify for this year’s play-offs. The other scenario suggests that if MI win their last match, RR beat RCB at home and KXIP beat CSK along with KKR losing their last match against SRH then MI will go through and the team with a higher NRR from RR, KXIP and KKR will go through

Mumbai Indians

The defending champions Mumbai Indians found a way back into the race for playoffs even after losing five out seven games at the start of the season. Their NRR of +0.384 is now the highest among all the teams. Their last match is against Delhi Daredevils at Kotla and a win against them should confirm their position in the playoffs and failure in doing so will throw them out of the tournament.

Royal Challengers Bangalore

Just like Mumbai Indians, RCB have now won their last three consecutive matches so in order to stay alive in the race, they just need to win their next match which is against RR, thanks to their positive NRR. If KKR win their match against SRH and MI lose their match against DD then both KKR and RCB will go through with RCB thrashing RR at Jaipur in their final league match of the season. In other case, if KKR beat SRH, MI beat DD then RCB need to win their upcoming match against RR and then the team with the higher NRR from RCB and MI will go through along with KKR.

Rajasthan Royals

RR have won three out of their last four matches that was a lot down to the individual brilliance of Jos Buttler but they are on 12 points with a NRR of -0.403. If they want to qualify then CSK need to beat KXIP, DD need to beat MI and RR need to win their remaining game against RCB. In this case, KXIP, MI and RCB will finish with 12 points and RR will go through to the playoffs along with KKR.
If RR lose their match against RCB then they will be out of the competition.

Kings XI Punjab

KXIP have lost six out of their last seven encounters. They have the worst NRR among all the teams in the race for the playoff spots which will make their chances a little less as compared to other teams even if they win against CSK in the last league match of the season. If they win against CSK with a big margin and RR beat RCB with a small margin plus DD beat MI and SRH beat KKR then there will be three teams with 14 points each — RR, KKR and KXIP and the two teams with higher NRR will go through.
If both RCB and MI win their last encounters then KXIP will be out of the tournament straightaway

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