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Saturday, May 6, 2017

World Password Day - First Thursday of May of each year

Though the number of internet users in India growing by leaps and bounds there is still lack of awareness about password management among the masses, making them vulnerable to cyber attacks,
The first Thursday of May of each year is designated as World Password Day -- an occasion to promote better password habits.
It is important that one password should not be used for multiple accounts, because if one password is leaked, several accounts can be hacked.

Here is a list of passwords, which you should strictly not use

Numerical Series (taking eight character password)
11111111,  22222222, 33333333, 44444444, 55555555, 66666666, 77777777, 88888888, 99999999, 00000000
Numerical Series in Ascending
123456789, 1234567890
Numerical Series in Descending
0987654321, 987654321
Series in Number Keys
741, 852, 963
Series in Number Keys Inverse
147, 258, 369
Characters in QWERTY style
Reverse Characters in QWERTY style

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