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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dubai recruits world's first robotic cop; plans human-free police station by 2030

It might sound fictitious but it's true. Dubai has launched a robot who will be patrolling the streets and tourist destinations as a police officer.
This robot police officer, also known as robocop, was inducted into the Dubai police to stop the increasing crimes.
Dubai police department aims to have 25 percent of its police force composed of robot officers and it also aims at having the first smart police station which won't require human employees by the year 2030.
Robocop, a 5-foot tall and 100-kg robot, has been designed in a manner to judge your emotions and facial expressions and tell when you feel sad or happy.
The latest addition to the force has been designed to keep the city safe and it's facial recognition software will allow it to identify offenders which makes it of great help to the Dubai police.
It can also can also broadcast live video feeds to the police command room.
The robot can speak in six different languages, including Arabic and English and can also chat with people, shake hands and offer a military salute.
The robocop's in-built integrated system will have it connected to social media and other applications.​

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