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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Uber Launches UberEats in India For Food Home Delivery Service Tuesday May 02,2017

Uber today Tuesday May 02,2017 launched UberEATS, an on-demand food delivery app, in India, with Mumbai the first city to go live with the service.

UberEATS was started in 2014 as a delivery pilot in Los Angeles and launched as a separate application in Toronto in December 2015. It is now a stand-alone app available in 26 countries and in 78 cities around the globe, including India.
The technology features built in UberEATS app are -
For Consumers (Users)
Curation & Specialization - This feature allows users to view food photos and search cuisines, while suggesting approproiate restaurants to the users. The suggestions are also based on the user's past orders and current contextual information.
● Scheduled Orders - UberEATs offers consumers the capability to schedule an order ahead of time. Consumers can order anytime up to an hour before the desired delivery window, and as far as a week in advance.
● Customize drop-off - Consumers can get food delivered by choosing specific information about delivery location. Some of the places getting added to UberEATS delivery are hospitals, parks and office buildings.
For Restaurant Partners 
UberEATS aims to help local restaurants reach new consumers and deliver their food.
● Restaurant Manager - A new analytics tool has been rolled out to help restaurant partners make data-driven decisions. The tool offers restaurants access to actionable data and insights about their service quality, consumer satisfaction and sales to help make specific adjustments to improve their business.
For Delivery Partners
● Guided Pick-ups - UberEATS has built-in step-by-step pick-up instruction functionality, wherein Uber delivery-partner app gathers granular pick-up information for even difficult-to-navigate restaurants.
UberEATS has been launched in Mumbai in partnership with more than 200 restaurant partners. Consumers will be able to order as long as the restaurants are operational, through the app.
The UberEATS app is separate to the Uber app people use to request a ride and has been built specifically to make food delivery. Starting today, consumers can download the new app for iOS and Android from the iTunes/Google play store or go online at
Food prices are set by restaurant partners according to their own menu and there’s a delivery fee of Rs 15, inclusive of taxes. There is no minimum order size

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