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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Triple Talaq Case - Supreme Court of India(SCI)Reserves Verdict After 6-day Hearing Thursday May 18,2017

After six days of a historic hearing in the triple talaq case, the Supreme Court on Thursday May 18,2017 concluded arguments and reserved its verdict, which is expected to come out in July.
Earlier in the day, Shayara Bano’s Counsel Senior Advocate Amit Chadha asked All India Muslim Personal Law Board to accept that the practice is a “sin”.
Chadha’s arguments came close on the heels of the statements made by Kapil Sibal, the counsel for AIMPLB, two days ago when he defended the practice of unilateral instant divorce, saying it was a matter of faith and belief.
Shayara Bano’s counsel also attacked the very reasoning put forward by the board.
“We all have debated that this practice is not part of the Quran and even the board has said that this practice is an undesirable practice. It has been declared irregular, patriarchal, and sinful by many schools of Islam, still we think it should not be touched by the court,” said Chadha, adding that the remedy was only to go to court with the matter, which was the guardian of the Constitution
“Article 25 will only uphold what my religion upholds. This practice is abhorrent in Islam and bad in theology and hence there is no violation," said Chadha
Chadha’s statement made Justice Nariman intervene, who stated that the counsel’s words meant that the practice was not part of religion at all. Chadha replied in affirmative

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