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Monday, May 8, 2017

Supreme Court of India(SCI) finds Justice CS Karnan guilty of contempt, sends him to jail for six months Tuesday May 09,2017

The Supreme Court of India(SCI)on Tuesday May 09,2017 held Calcutta High Court judge Justice CS Karnan guilty of contempt of court and sentenced him to six months imprisonment. 
Holding Justice Karnan guilty of contempt for his utterances against the Chief Justice of India and other judges of the apex court and the Madras High Court, a seven-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar had barred the electronic and print media from carrying any of his statements.
The SCI further ordered the immediate arrest of Justice Karnan, who had written a series of letters making allegations against the judges of the apex court and the high court.
The SCI said that its order needs to be executed forthwith

Justice Karnan’s Controversies
- February 2016: Supreme Court transfers him to Calcutta High Court. Justice Karnan stays his transfer, SC restrains him
- June 2015: Writes to Chief Justice of India against the collegium system
- May 2015: Justice Karnan publicly alleged in a letter to the CJI that a brother judge had committed “custodial rape” of one of his legal interns—a claim yet to be proven
- January 2014: Enters a court hall and submits ‘fallacies in selection of judges.’ SC criticises his conduct
- September 2011: Approaches National Commission for Scheduled Castes and complains of harassment because he is a Dalit
- 2011: Called a press conference to accuse a fellow High Court judge of caste discrimination on the grounds that the Judge who sat next to him “deliberately” touched him with his foot
- 2015: Interrupted arguments going on in another courtroom in the Madras High Court regarding
judicial appointments, demanding to be heard
- April 2015: Began suo motu contempt proceedings against the Chief Justice of the Madras High Court, Sanjay Kishan Kaul, accusing the latter of harassing and belittling him because he is a Dalit

Before Justice Karnan, These Judges Were Embroiled In Controversies

Justice V Ramaswami
-         Supreme Court Judge
-         First Judge against whom impeachment proceedings were initiated
-         Impeachment motion failed in Lok Sabha as the Congress and its allies abstained from voting in 1993
Justice Soumitra Sen
-         Judge of Calcutta High Court
-         Resigned in 2011 after the Rajya Sabha voted in favour of a removal motion
Justice P D Dinakaran
-         Chief Justice of Sikkim High Court
-         Faced graft allegations and resigned before removal motion was initiated in 2011

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