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Friday, May 12, 2017

CloudWalker Launches in India 55-inch Smart TV Starting at Rs 54,999

CloudWalker Streaming Technologies launched 55-inch Cloud TV starting at Rs 54,999. 
Available in flat and curved models, the TV is equipped with Ultra HD (4K) display, enabled with an Android OS, and a Content Discovery Engine equipped with a Cortex Dual Processor.
The Smart TV allows users to download or sideload any Android app directly on the TV to stream digital content of their choice.
The TV comes with a ‘Screen-Shift’ technology that provides a viewing experience of watching Live TV and streaming digital content on the same screen simultaneously.
It is also equipped with the CShare App which facilitates the connection of a user’s mobile to the TV which enables the mobile to be mirrored on the TV and vice versa, and the phone can then be used as a remote, an air mouse, a wireless keyboard or as a voice search mechanism.
The 55-inch Cloud TV comes with a SUPER REMOTE which has an inbuilt Air mouse plus IR function to navigate.
Both the flat and curved versions come with 4K resolution, Dolby Digital Sound technology, Bluetooth, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 8 GB storage and 1GB RAM. The TV’s are priced at Rs 54,999/- and Rs 84,499/- for the flat and curved versions respectively.

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