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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Concussion - Know its common signs and symptoms

 CONCUSSION  is a brain injury which usually doesn't cause any external brain damage or internal bleeding.
The injury is caused by a blow to the head or a violent shaking of the head and body.
Here are a few common signs and symptoms of concussion:
Headache is the first and most common symptoms you might experience after a head injury or banging your head on a door, wall or person. In some cases, you could just feel a slight pressure in the head after the injury.
One of the common symptoms that follows after a head injury is vomiting, but it doesn't indicate brain injury. It is said that one in 10 people experience vomiting at least once after a head injury. But repeated vomiting is a cause of concern and consult a doctor immediately.
Dizziness is also one of the most common symptom of a concussion. As you hit on the head, it is common to experience this symptom. However, if you feel too dizzy or have a severe headache then you need urgent medical attention.
Ringing in the ears
You might experience ringing sensation in the ears following a head injury, as the neurological circuit is slightly disturbed, in some cases. However, one should consult a doctor immediately if it doesn't subsided after few minutes.

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