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Thursday, July 19, 2018

5 Side Effects Of Papayas You Should Know

1. May be Harmful for pregnant women

Most health experts advise pregnant women to avoid eating papaya as the papaya seeds, roots and infusion of the leaves can harm the foetus. An unripe papaya fruit has high concentration of latex that can cause uterine contractions. The papain component present in the papaya may damage certain membranes in the body that essential for foetal development.

2. Could lead to digestive issues

Papaya has high amounts of fibre content; while it may be great for people with constipation, excessive consumption of it could lead to an upset stomach. Moreover, the skin of the fruit contains latex that can irritate the stomach and cause pain and discomfort. The fibre in the fruit can also bind with the stools and cause diarrhoea, leaving you dehydrated.

3. Known to lower blood sugar significantly

Fermented papaya could lower blood sugar levels,which can be dangerous for diabetics. It is always best to consult a doctor, especially if you are a diabetic who is on medications.

4. Can cause other allergies

The papain in the fruit or pollen from the flowers can lead to certain allergies. Some of the reactions may include swelling, dizziness, headache, rashes and itching.

6. Could cause respiratory disorders

The enzyme papain present in papaya is said to be a potential allergen. Excessive consumption could cause different respiratory disorders  like asthma,congestion and wheezing.

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