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Friday, July 14, 2017

Karnataka Govt Makes Kannada Mandatory in CBSE and ICSE Schools

The Karnataka government has issued a circular making Kannada mandatory in CBSE and ICSE schools from this academic year. 

Education Minister Tanveer Sait said the decision comes in the wake of the report submitted by Kannada Development Authority and the schools have no choice but to implement it. 

"Kannada being a state language we have amended the state education act to bring all schools under the ambit of the education department. And we have introduced Kannada as an introductory language in all schools. At least students should know the essence of the state language," Minister Tanveer Sait told

The minister said the decision was taken without carrying out any consultation with the stakeholders. 

"We have amended Section 1 of the Karnataka Education Act, making Kannada compulsory in all schools in Karnataka irrespective of their affiliation. Hence, there is no need of (consultation). They have to implement it." 

The rule will also apply to all Kendriya Vidyalaya schools based in the state. "All schools are allowed to work only after the issue of no objectification certification by the government of Karnataka. We have certain conditions. All schools in Karnataka, including Kendriya Vidyalayas, will have to follow it," he added. 

The minister claims that the circular is not an imposition as it introduces only the basics of the language. Further, no exam has been prescribed yet, he said. 

Sait, however, didn't clarify whether Kannada will be made compulsory from Class 1 till 10 or will be taught as an extra subject. Many of the CBSE and ICSE school managements had earlier opposed similar moves of the state government.

Apart from making Kannada compulsory, the minister said that schools will also have to play state anthem naada geethe in daily assemblies along with the national anthem. 

“We are also part of India. State anthem written by Jnanpith awardee Kuvempu speaks about rivers, religion and our commitment to the nation. It will be compulsory for the schools to play the state anthem.”

When asked about the timeline of implementation, he said that Introductory Kannada will take off immediately. “State anthem introduction is yet to be prescribed,” he said

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