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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Indians among world’s laziest, take just 4,297 steps a day; Chinese the least lazy people on earth

Well, we all have a general idea that most of our fellow countrymen do not devote much time to maintain their physical fitness. 
Most people use available transportation instead of walking or cycling, no matter how far or near the distance is. 
However, you will feel surprised if we tell you that India, the country with a huge working force, is among the laziest in the world. 
A 46 country survey has irrefutably proven that. Carried out by  Stanford University researchers, the survey ranks India at 39th spot with average individual walking just 4,297 steps a day. 
The university research is based on step-counters installed in most smartphones to track the walking activity of about 700,000 people.
Ranked on top and therefore the least lazy are the Chinese, particularly those in Hong Kong, where people averaged 6,880 steps a day. 
The study published in the journal Nature shows Indonesia as the worst nation, where people walked nearly half as much, averaging 3,513 steps a day. 
As per the study, worldwide average is 4,961 steps, with Americans walking an average 4,774 steps. 
The countries that top this survey includes Hong Kong, China, Ukraine and Japan walking over 6,000 steps daily while the ones at the bottom include Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia who walk less than 3,900 steps. 
However, the data findings that Indian women walk even less than Indian men assumes even more alarming significance.

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