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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Britain's First Pregnant Man Gives Birth to a Baby Girl

A 21-year-old Briton became the first transgender man in the UK to have given birth to a baby.

Born female, Hayden Cross has been legally a male for three years, but he stopped the transgender hormone treatment for sometime in order to conceive a baby.

Hayden Cross conceived using a sperm donor he had met on Facebook. He made announcement of his pregnancy in January which is thought to have been the first case of its kind in the UK.

Hayden Cross's family confirmed the news that he has given birth to a baby girl named Trinity-Leigh on June 16, 2017 and both of them are healthy and doing well.
Cross was listed as the mother in his baby's birth certificate. However, there's no mention of father's name.

Hayden Cross wanted to freeze his eggs on the NHS so that he could have a baby in the future, but medical chiefs refused to authorise the procedure. Unable to afford to do it privately, he went on to look for a sperm donor.

The 21-year-old now plans to resume his paused transition and in the next stage, he will have his breast andovaries removed.

Amrican Thomas Beatie became the first pregnant man in the world after he concieved through artificial insemination in 2007.

He was also born female, then went on to have three children using donor's sperm.

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