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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

What happens to online social media accounts when one passes away?

Ever given a thought on what happens to online social media accounts when one passes away?

Here is the complete detail about the same. 
In case, the account holder passes away without making public his login id and password, then retrieving his account information is a tough ask.
However, such social media profiles generally remain active online still. 
And number of such accounts is fairly large.
 There are social networks that have policies in place to maintain such accounts
In case of Facebook, such user profile remain as it is, but the page is not allowed to be referenced on Facebook as an active user.
To have a user's account memorialized, a friend or family member must fill out and submit a Memorialization Request along with proof of the user's death.
Also, legacy contacts feature can be utilized by the family members of deceased to access the profile of the deceased.
Google entertains request for accessing information of the deceased and ensures all such applications are properly reviewed.
In case of Twitter the family members of the deceased don't get access to the user's account. However, Twitter accepts requests to deactivate the user's account.
For this one requires to send Twitter deceased person's username, a copy of their death certificate, a copy of your government-issued ID and a signed statement with a list of additionally required information

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