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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Teesta River Water Dispute betweeen India and Bangladesh

The Teesta River originates in Sikkim and flows through West Bengal as well as Bangladesh.

The Teesta – which has its source in Sikkim – flows through the northern part of West Bengal in India before entering Bangladesh, where after coursing through about 45km of irrigable land, merges with the Brahmaputra River (or Jamuna when it enters Bangladesh).

In the 80s, India & Bangladesh signed ad-hoc agreement to share 39% & 36% of Teesta water respectively

The Teesta River is Bangladesh's fourth largest transboundary river for irrigation and fishing. The Teesta's floodplain covers 2,750sq km in Bangladesh. Of the river's catchment - an area of land where water collects - 83 percent is in India and 17 percent is in Bangladesh.

 India claims a share of 55 percent of the river's water.

Bangladesh wants a higher share than it gets now. Currently, its share is lower than that of India's.

Bangladesh wants 50 percent of the Teesta's waters between December and May every year, because that's when the water flow to the country drops drastically

Negotiations on how to share the water have been going on since 1983. 

A 2011 interim deal - that was supposed to last 15 years - gave India 42.5 % of the Teesta's waters and gave Bangladesh 37.5 %. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee opposed this deal so it was shelved and remains unsigned. 

Hydropower on the Teesta .is another point of conflict. There are at least 26 projects on the river mostly in Sikkim, aimed at producing some 50,000MW

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