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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Going In Style movie posters poke fun at Fast & Furious franchise

They are set to go head to head at the box office this weekend.

Start your engines: Going In Style, which is distributed by Warner Bros, has a week's head start on Fate Of The Furious, which is owned by Universal

And Going In Style stuck some low blows in on the Fast And Furious franchise in the lead up.
Abuse: The posters mock up the dramatic racing imagery of the speedy sequels, replacing the super cars with mobility scooters

A new series of posters for the Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin comedy has taken the mick out of its Vin Diesel / Dwayne Johnson driven rival.

'2 slow 2 grumpy': New Going In Style movie posters have poked fun at the Fast & Furious franchise
Outmatched: But this weekend Fate Of The Furious is expected to blow them all out of the water, as it looks set to become 2017's second film to debut at over $100million

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