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Monday, March 20, 2017

House Sparrow - What led to the decline of the little brown bird?

For years, the house sparrow has peacefully co-existed with us, nesting in our houses and gardens chirping sweetly at our windows.

 However, that little friendly neighbourhood bird is nowhere to be seen today. 

Their population has been decreasing in almost every city.

Some reasons why the population of the little brown birds are declining

  • Loss of habitat – The new and modern designs of infrastructure does not provide any room for the sparrow to nest
  • Loss of tree and green cover – Lots of trees have been cut or destroyed mercilessly in cities to pave way for more concrete constructions, leading to lesser tree cover and hence the house sparrow loses its foraging grounds.
  • Electromagnetic radiation – It is said that the radiations released from our mobile phones are also a major cause of decline in the number of birds.
  • Modern agriculture – The wide use of insecticides and pesticides adversely affects the birds.
  • Pollution – All birds are affected by pollution, which causes a variety of health problems in humans

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